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Jena defines the entire foreign country as a risk area


All states outside the Federal Republic of Germany as well as the German states of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia are considered risk areas with immediate effect.

Effective from 21.03.2020

The city of Jena has determined this today with a new general decree, which will take effect on Saturday, 21.03. All persons returning to Jena from abroad or the three named federal states must immediately go into domestic quarantine.

Notification within 7 days

Within seven days at the latest, these persons are obliged to contact the hotline on 0049 3641 492222 or by e-mail toreiserueckkehrer@jena.deand to report the circumstances of their stay in the risk area (date, location, contacts).

"We must succeed in further curbing the increase in new infections. I also expect a clearer line from the country, because human lives are at stake. The current number of cases reveals only a glimpse into the past, the course of the pandemic one to two weeks ago. In the meantime, however, the sars coronavirus-2 has continued to spread," stresses Benjamin Koppe, head of the security department and head of the staff for extraordinary events.

For this reason, persons who are not residents of Jena, but who have stayed in the above-mentioned risk areas in the last 14 days and want to enter the urban area of Jena for professional or private reasons, are now also subject to a ban on entering the place of professional activity and sales outlets, as well as a ban on using public transport. Excluded are persons who work in the health service, in the care sector, in authorities responsible for public safety and order or in civil protection. Provided that the personnel are operationally necessary, persons from the water and energy supply, waste management and communication (postal and digital infrastructure) are also excluded.

"We must protect our citizens. Since a general order always applies only to the inhabitants of the city, these bans on entry have become necessary. For many people from the region, Jena is a place of work and a reference point for purchases and services. Containing the virus will only succeed if we temporarily isolate all people from the risk areas. The local authorities from which the people come to us in Jena are in some cases well behind ours in their orders. That is why we cannot avoid the prohibition to enter the area", Koppe concludes.