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Jena expects offshoots of the predicted storm with heavy rain and thunderstorms


Rising Saale water levels - Activate warning apps and behave cautiously - Canceled events in Jena

The German Weather Service (DWD) has issued a severe weather warning for the coming days. Starting on Friday evening (31.5.2024) until Sunday afternoon (2.6.2024), heavy rain with amounts of precipitation between 50 and locally up to 150 liters per square meter. Thunderstorms are also expected from Saturday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. According to the current assessment of the situation, Jena is located on the edge of the storm area and can therefore only expect foothills. Nevertheless, any kind of thunderstorm can lead to unforeseen local weather phenomena. The Jena fire department therefore calls for caution and recommends following the current situation on the available warning apps and information pages.

Water levels of the Saale briefly rise to the alert level

According to current forecasts, the water level of the Saale will rise briefly until the start of the reporting period. A corresponding warning has been issued by the Thuringian State Office for the Environment, Mining and Nature Conservation (TLUG) and can be followed on the website https://hnz.thueringen.de/hw-portal/.

The fire brigade department is responsible for initiating the phase concept for technical operations management in the event of major emergencies and closely monitoring the weather and water level situation. The water maintenance association is also informed about the situation and monitors bridges and inlets in cooperation with the fire department.

Use of warning apps is recommended

The Jena fire department recommends following current information in the media and using the warning app NINA, the app of the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK). The emergency information and news app provides people with important warnings about a wide range of hazardous situations. Weather warnings from the German Weather Service (DWD) and flood information are also integrated.

With WarnWetter, the official warning app of the German Weather Service (DWD), people can receive weather-related hazard messages for their location and set up warning levels.

The Meine Pegel app is the official water level and flood information app in which people can receive level-related flood hazard reports and set up warning levels.

What to do in the event of heavy rain and flooding?

The fire department recommends that FKeep windows/ skylights closed. Tarpaulin roofs (tents, pavilions, awnings, etc.) should be dismantled or at least secured as a precaution. Cellar doors and windows should be checked and closed. Gullies and floor inlets must be cleaned and continuously monitored.

People should keep their distance from streams or rivers that may be in flood and observe the general rules of conduct during thunderstorms. Parks and cemeteries should not be entered. Forests should be avoided during the storm as there is a risk of falling branches.

Rescue routes for emergency vehicles must be kept clear.

In an acute emergency, keep calm and call 112.

Canceled events at the weekend - museum night takes place, opening in the town church

Due to the storm situation, numerous planned events in Jena also have to be canceled as a precautionary measure. This does not affect the "Long Night of Museums" on 31.5.2024, the opening of which will take place at 4:30 pm in the city church due to the weather and not - as originally planned - on the market square.

Events canceled so far:

  • the Saalehorizontale run on 31.5. and 1.6.2024
  • the "Lichtfang" event organized by the Jena City Forest on 1.6.2024
  • the celebration of the volunteer fire department on the occasion of its 160th anniversary on 2.6.2024

It is recommended to check the websites of the organizers for further possible event cancellations.