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Mayor Thomas Nitzsche goes on district tour


In the coming weeks and months, Mayor Dr. Thomas Nitzsche will be visiting Jena's districts and seeking local discussion. The city of Jena is divided into 30 districts. The districts elect a district council and a district mayor for themselves. These people perform important work on a voluntary basis and form the link between the population, politics and the city administration. The mayor meets with the district mayors once a year. As different as the 30 districts are, as diverse are their topics and concerns. There is seldom enough time for this in the big round once a year. The district tour is therefore intended to be a supplementary format for exchanging ideas with local people.

Mayor Dr. Thomas Nitzsche says: "Visiting the local district councils and local district mayors on site offers the best opportunity to listen and take up concerns. The councils, mayors and mayors are the link to communicate decisions of the administration to the population and, vice versa, to bring the viewpoints of the people into politics and the administration. That's why I'm looking forward to the exchange."

The first 14 dates of the tour have now been set, with more to follow. Interested citizens are cordially invited to attend the local district meetings.

12.04.2023, 20:00 o'clock - MAUA, in the golden ship, old trade way 2
18.04.2023, 17:30 o'clock - ILMNITZ, Heimatvereinshaus, Ilmnitzer Dorfstraße
20.04.2023, 18:45 o'clock - WÖLLNITZ, district office, Wöllnitzer Str 99
26.04.2023, 19:00 o'clock - ISSERSTEDT, community hall, Am Rasen 1
02.05.2023, 16:00 o 'clock - KRIPPENDORF, fire station Krippendorf
03.05.2023, 19:30 o'clock - LEUTRA, fire station, Leutra No. 112
04.05.2023, 16:30 o'clock - LÜTZERODA, local inspection
09.05.2023, 19:00 o'clock - COSPEDA, cottage, Jenaer street 1
11.05.2023, 19:00 o'clock - MÜNCHENRODA/REMDERODA, fire department club house - Münchenroda 27a
25.05.2023, 17:00 o'clock - AMMERBACH, local inspection
05.06.2023, 20:00 o'clock - DRACKENDORF, community office, Alte Dorfstraße 17
06.06.2023, 18:00 o'clock - ZIEGENHAIN, club house of the Ziegenhainer Tal e.V., Edelhofgasse 22
20.06.2023, 18:00 o'clock - CLOSEWITZ, local inspection
12.07.2023, 19:00 o'clock - KUNITZ/LAASAN, local inspection