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New bus stop in the direction of Cospeda


At the request of the local district council, there is a new stop "Am Windknollen" on the Jenaer Nahverkehrs (JNV) bus route 16 in the direction of Cospeda. This is now served every hour on weekdays and every two hours at weekends. The bus then continues to Lützeroda and spends its turnaround time there. The "Im Wasserlauf" stop will no longer be served in the direction of Cospeda.

Routing in the direction of Jena

From Lützeroda, the bus will continue as before to the "Im Wasserlauf" stop and on to the Jena "Mühltal" stop. The new stop "Am Windknollen" will not be served on this route.

The regional bus routes 292/424 will remain unchanged. They will continue to serve the existing "Im Wasserlauf" stop in the direction of Isserstedt and Jena.

One-year pilot project

The changed routing of JNV line 16 will initially be a one-year pilot project in which the number of passengers boarding and alighting will be counted and documented by Jenaer Nahverkehrs GmbH. A decision will then be made on the continued and permanent existence of the stop.