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New podcast series


Aue to the challenging situation caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and the limited counselling hours, the municipal debtor and consumer insolvency counselling service has developed its own podcast series. The 4-person team includes founder Elfi Hörmann, Anita Körner, Annett Rink and administrative specialist Kerstin Seeber. For more than 30 years, the counselling centre has been supporting people who have got into financial difficulties.

The pandemic has had an impact on many areas of life, including the income situation of each individual: be it through short-time work, downtime due to childcare, quarantine periods or loss of employment. Initially, four articles will deal with these consequences and answer questions such as: I can no longer pay my rent. When do I face eviction? I can no longer afford my electricity bill. Will it now go directly dark in my apartment? Will I lose my car if I can no longer pay my car payment? The podcast provides tips and information on financial problems - and works virtually anywhere and in any situation. The first episode is all about credit when it can no longer be paid due to short-time work, for example.

Anyone who wants to afford a certain standard in adulthood and was not born rich rarely gets around financing when building a house or buying a car. And those who are good at it are considered particularly fit and clever when it comes to economic matters. Seen in this light, debt is part of good manners in society.

"However, there is often a fine line between having debts and being over-indebted," emphasises Elfi Hörmann and adds: "Essentially, we are talking about complex problem situations. Whenever liabilities collide with the obligation to repay, we come on the scene."

Then it's a matter of bringing light into the darkness: To do this, a budget is first drawn up, assets are reviewed and impending or existing claims are identified. Subsequently, the claims, for example, of state benefits are discussed.

The offer of debtor and consumer insolvency counseling is open to all citizens of Jena; the insolvency counseling can even take advantage of every citizen of Thuringia. The special feature: In Thuringia, only Jena as an independent city and Schmalkalden-Meiningen in municipal sponsorship offer debtor counseling, otherwise it is covered by associations.

By the way: Today the 22nd nationwide campaign week of debt counselling starts under the title "The person behind the debts".

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