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Parking during the orchid bloom in Leutra and sustainable hiking


The orchid blossom in the Leutra Valley has begun. Many people use this special event as an opportunity for a hike. Due to the correspondingly high number of visitors, there is regularly not enough space to park. It is therefore advisable to park outside the district. The best way to get there is by public transport via bus route 18 to get there. On Sundays and public holidays, the route is served by a call-and-collect cab. This eases the situation on site for residents and guests.

Raising awareness of environmentally conscious hiking in Jena and the surrounding area

The picturesque hiking trails in Jena also offer relaxation and recreation and are a popular destination for nature lovers. Unfortunately, however, there is still far too much garbage in the forest. To protect the nature and wildlife of Jena's forests, it is important to take your garbage back with you.

Waste avoidance starts even before the actual hiking trip. Avoiding disposable packaging and using reusable containers such as drinking bottles and lunch boxes as well as packaging-free fruit is a simple way to reduce the amount of waste produced. This is all the more important as no litter garbage cans are placed in the Jena Forest in order to keep the habitats as free from human intervention as possible.

Because the correct handling of waste is particularly important, Kommunalservice Jena (KSJ) supports campaigns that work together for our environment and the climate. For example, companies, initiatives and associations regularly carry out voluntary planting and/or waste collection campaigns in Jena's forests and also work on green spaces. The KSJ provides support with appropriate expertise and/or waste disposal logistics.

For urban and forest cleanliness, the KSJ offers appropriate educational events, grabbing tongs, bin bags and/or the appropriate disposal logistics after a short registration period. Information on this can be found on the KSJ and Natura Jenensis websites.