Progress in the investor selection process EichplatzAreal


Since 2018, the western section of Eichplatz (construction site A) has been undergoing an EU-wide investor selection process. The invitation to tender was based on the 10 principles for development drawn up by the Bürgerwerkstatt and approved by the city council as well as the subsequently drafted urban development framework plan. After a public competition, six bidders were admitted to the summer of 2018 to prepare initial bids, including architectural designs. These were discussed and evaluated in detail in spring 2019 by an architecture committee consisting of representatives of the Bürgerwerkstatt as well as municipal and external experts.

Mayor Christian Gerlitz, who participated in this committee, emphasized that "we were able to develop viable solutions for one of the most exciting and complex urban development projects of recent decades with the two best bidders in intensive contract negotiations lasting several months".

Subsequently, the two remaining investors in the procedure had the opportunity to submit their final binding offers by 14 July 2020. These have now been received and are currently being evaluated.

What happens next?

After the summer holidays, the results of the evaluation will be discussed in a concluding citizens' workshop before the best-placed overall concept is presented to the city council and then to the public in September. Lord Mayor Dr. Thomas Nitzsche announced a public event in the Volkshaus on September 19, 2020, where detailed information about the project will be provided. This event can also be followed live on the internet.

"We are now at a point where the long-term, trusting cooperation between citizens, politics and administration has paid off. In the heart of Jena another great and future-oriented development is being started. With this we have a good plan for Jena!"

The city council's decision is scheduled for October 2020.