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Remains of the former barracks on the Jenaer Forst disappear


Various departments of Kommunalservice Jena (KSJ) are busy with demolition work in Jena Forest. Currently, two large buildings are being demolished on an oldtwo larger buildings on an old barracks area of the western stationed troops of the former Soviet Union in the GDR.disposal will take about two weeks. In the process, the Road Administration and Construction Yard Division of the KSJ's Infrastructure and Digitization Department is already moving approx. 2,000 tons of material.moved.

The property was part of a barracks area, most of which has already been demolished by the Federal Ministry of Defense. Since these buildings are not located on land owned by the Federal Republic of Germany, they have not yet been demolished. Rather, they were transferred to the Jena city forest after the political turnaround, with the restitution of the land to the original owners.

The buildings are non-functional, dilapidated and are also located within a contiguous forest area, a nature reserve and a bird sanctuary. The demolition is therefore desirable and necessary from the point of view of nature conservation, landscape aesthetics and, of course, public interest.

After thethe area is to be reforested by the Jena city forest.

The department of urban development and environment - in particular the departments of building regulations and environmental protection - subsidize the demolition with a high five-digit amount.amount

For questions regarding the following land development, please contact the department ofUrban Forestryunderthe telephone number: 03641/4989-470 or by e-mail to:stadtwald@jena.de.

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