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Results of the Jena City Council


The voting results of the public portion of the 45th City Council meeting held on Wednesday, June 7,2023 are available.

All submissions are filed in the council system: https://sessionnet.jena.de/sessionnet/buergerinfo/to0040.php?__ksinr=13565

Ceremonial and official welcome of a delegation from Brovary, Ukraine

1. confirmation of the minutes of the 42nd meeting of the City Council on 22.03.2023
- public part -

2. residents' question time

3. question time

4th large inquiry CDU parliamentary group to "honorary office and association system in Jena
Submission: GA/CDU/06/2023

  • accepted

5. current hour parliamentary group DIE LINKE. on rent increases of the Eigenbetrieb
Jena and their effects on the situation of the associations and institutions
affected associations and institutions
Submission: 23/0012-AS

  • Taken note of

6. proposal for a resolution by the Lord Mayor - reappointment in the climate protection advisory council
Submission: 23/2002-BV

  • Confirmed unanimously

7. proposal for a resolution by the Lord Mayor - election of two deputy members of the
voting members of the Youth Welfare Committee
Submission: 23/1974-BV

  • Confirmed unanimously

8. resolution proposal Lord Mayor - by-election of the confidants for the jury selection committee
Submission: 23/2006-BV

  • Petra Teufel (FDP) was elected with the necessary 2/3 majority.

9. resolution mayor - option promotion witelo e.V. 2023 - 2025
Submission: 23/1986-BV

  • Unanimously confirmed

10. resolution proposal Lord Mayor - EichplatzAreal - Baufeld B: Preparation of the invitation to tender (competitive dialogue)
Submission: 23/1989-BV

  • Confirmed unanimously

11. resolution proposal by the Lord Mayor - measures on the residents' application of the #nichtmituns alliance
(resubmission from 10.05.23 TOP 14)
Submission: 23/1976-BV

  • Taken from agenda

Proposal for a resolution by the Bündnis 90/Die Grünen parliamentary group - Safe construction sites (resubmission of 14/15.12.22 TOP 49 and 10.05.23 TOP 21)
Submission: 22/1780-BV

  • confirmed by majority

13. resolution submitted by the parliamentary groups DIE LINKE, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen and SPD - Healthy and affordable lunches for children and young people in Jena
(resubmission from 10.05.23 Item 22)
Submission: 23/1941-BV

  • confirmed by majority

14. proposal for a resolution of the parliamentary groups CDU, SPD, DIE LINKE., Bündnis 90/Die Grünen - support of action days and events by free public transport
(resubmission from 10.05.23 TOP 23)
Submission: 23/1966-BV

  • confirmed by majority

15. proposal for a resolution of the parliamentary group DIE LINKE - change of air currents in Jena (resubmission of 10.05.23 TOP 26)
Submission: 23/1983-BV

  • Taken from agenda

16. draft resolution parliamentary group DIE LINKE. - Compatibility of family and honorary office (resubmission of 22.03.23 TOP 20)
Submission: 23/1901-BV

  • Removed from agenda

17. proposal for a resolution by the Lord Mayor - amendment of the statutes of the municipal service company Kommunalservice Jena (resubmission of 19.04.23 Item 21)
Submission: 23/1883-BV

  • Confirmed with 36 votes in favor