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Risk games at the Ernst-Abbe-Sportfeld


In preparation for the next high-risk match against 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig, representatives of the FCC, the stadium operator, the city of Jena, the police and the commercial public order service intensively evaluated the events before, during and after the match against FC Energie Cottbus. The firing of tracer missiles from the visitors' block into crowded spectator stands and other security-related incidents meant that the match was on the verge of being abandoned and could only continue thanks to the intervention of the police.

Together, measures to ensure the safety of the spectators were to be discussed. During the discussion, it became obvious that the currently existing structural restrictions do not allow for any further meaningful optimization. It remains to be said that the current situation of fan separation, with both active fan scenes in the main stand, separated by the home blocks C and D and the buffer block B, preclude a repetition in this form. Scenes like the one against Cottbus must not be repeated in Jena, the safety of all stadium visitors must be guaranteed at all times.

Against this background, further talks are currently taking place to determine the future solution for high-risk matches during the construction phase at the Ernst-Abbe-Sportfeld. The solution will be communicated in good time before the high-risk match against 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig scheduled for December 10.