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Severe fire in Closewitz


In the night from 1 to 2 January 2021, a major fire with high property damage occurred in the Jena district of Closewitz.

At 3.00 o'clock an emergency call reached the control center, in which a large fire of a 3-side yard in the local center was reported. 8 minutes later, the first units arrived at the scene of the fire. Over the next hour, several alarms were raised as the fire spread to other parts of the building. Fortunately, the buildings were uninhabited, people were not in immediate danger.

All water-carrying vehicles of the Jena fire brigade, the volunteer fire brigades and the Melllingen fire brigade were in action. The fire could not be brought under control until around 5.00 o'clock. For the food supply of the comrades the support train of the disaster control was requested.

As a result of the fire and the 23 units on site, all roads in and around Closewitz were closed. Since the parts of the building adjacent to the roadthe road threatened to collapse, heavy clearing equipment of the technical relief organization Apolda and Erfurt was requested. The emergency pastoral care service was also on the scene and looked after the owners of the property.

The extinguishing and clearing work lasted until noon on Saturday. The police did not give any information on the cause of the fire. From their report, it appears that there had been several motor vehicles and motorcycles in the barn. These also fell victim to the fire.

The head of the security department, Benjamin Koppe, commented on the incident: "The force of the fire came as a surprise to all of us. It shows once again how important the cooperation of professional and volunteer fire departments is. The rapid intervention of the fire brigades on the spot and the supply from all parts of the city worked smoothly. I would especially like to thank my colleagues from Mellingen and the THW for their perseverance during the operation."