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Due to several recent accidents, the following adjustments to the stadium main access road construction area must be determined in coordination with safety authorities and local traffic on 6/26-23:

  • 3-sided traffic signals to signalize all directions coming from Oberaue
  • Safe pedestrian and bicycle traffic routing behind the intersection area to the west on its own prepared pathway
  • Closure of the launcher parking lot

Pending reconstruction/adjustment of traffic routing, the entrance to Oberaue will be closed for an estimated two weeks beginning tomorrow (6/27-23). To ensure traffic safety, only construction and delivery traffic can be released during this period. After the adjustments have been made, the closure will be lifted again.

Guests of the Schleichersee as well as the various sports facilities can reach their destination during the time of the reconstruction of the traffic safety facilities including the construction site traffic lights only on foot or by bicycle.

We ask for your understanding!