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Small playground on Burgweg is being built


In the district of Wenigenjena, a small play area for children of kindergarten age is being built on a green space of approx. 70 m² on Burgweg. The site is located south of the hiking parking lot, approx. 70 m from the Panorama-Restaurant Wilhelmshöhe.

The play equipment includes a caterpillar with a ball track and rotating and colored discs, two rocking animals and a petting stone in the shape of a dog. The play figures are characterized by their soft exterior and figurative appearance. They invite communicative play and provide the basis for small play areas. The play area is separated from the street by a 1 m high wooden slatted fence.

The gardening and landscaping company Axel Jentsch from Bad Köstritz will be carrying out the work from 15 April to mid-May 2024.