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Support for "Local Alliances for People with Dementia


The city of Jena applied for the federal model programme "Local Alliances for People with Dementia" at the Federal Office for Family and Civil Society Affairs in August 2020 and received a grant on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth in the full amount of The funding will be granted until 30.09.2023. The prerequisite for funding was the expression of interest of various stakeholders in Jena in the field of dementia. For the network, the city of Jena was able to win over the Senior Citizens' Office (DRK), the Tausend Taten e.V., the Jedi e.V., the meeting place "Lisa" for senior citizens (AWO) and the care support point even before the grant was approved.

The "Network Local Alliance for People with Dementia Jena" is committed to supporting people with dementia so that they can live independently and self-determinedly in their familiar surroundings for as long as possible. The network imparts knowledge about the disease and moreover how people with dementia and their relatives can deal with it practically. In addition, the network promotes public awareness, provides advice and information, arranges individual support and offers help for self-help. The focus is on people suffering from dementia. It promotes respect, friendliness and helpfulness in public life in order to expand the social participation of people with dementia and, of course, to give them the opportunity to get personally involved.

In Germany, there are about 500 local alliances that have received financial support or are currently being supported by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. Further information can be found at www.netzwerkstelle-demenz.de.

All interested institutions, clubs and associations are cordially invited to participate in order to act together in the interest of people with dementia.

Stefan Eberhardt, employee of the senior citizens' office is coordinator of the network in Jena. On the administrative level, the network is accompanied by the elderly care planner of the city of Jena Franziska Wächter.