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The evening situation of 24.03.2020


Corona cases

93, so 3 more than on Monday

Exemptions for employees in the healthcare sector and systemically relevant infrastructure

Basically, the following applies: People who have stayed in the risk areas defined by the city of Jena in the past 14 days are obliged to 14 days of home quarantine.

In a few cases exceptions can be granted: Persons who work in the health care system or in systemically relevant infrastructure may return to work under strict rules of hygiene to carry out their work.

These rules include the wearing of an oronasal protective mask, self-monitoring (fever and symptoms protocol) and regular testing for corona viruses. After work, these persons must immediately return to home quarantine.

In addition, the company or institution must have a company procedure for regular monitoring of the health status of these employees. Sufficient protection of the citizens, customers, patients and colleagues of the employee concerned must be ensured.

Work of the staff for extraordinary events

The Jena city administration also makes partial use of this regulation. After all tests of the staff for extraordinary events have been negative, individual employees can return to their workplace under the above rules.

At the same time, the work of the staff is being converted even more consistently to the current requirements. The staff meetings are currently held as telephone conferences; personal meetings are now only held in exceptional cases. The possibilities of the home office are being expanded, among other things by purchasing additional computers and increasing server capacity.

Violations of the quarantine rules reported

Reports were received from the population indicating violations of the quarantine rules. The staff for exceptional events takes this very seriously. The Local Order Service has been ordered to follow up on these reports. Failure to comply with the rules of the Infection Protection Act may result in fines.

No passes necessary

This is pointed out again: There is no curfew in Jena. Employer's certificate or even passes for the entry to Jena are not necessary.

Changes of the Jena public transport timetable

The trams and buses of Jena's local public transport system will run from Wednesday, 25.03.2020, during the day usually only at 30-minute or 60-minute intervals. Please inform yourself before a ride.