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Tighter pandemic containment measures apply from Monday


The city of Jena has issued another general decree that includes stricter rules in connection with the corona pandemic. The decree is valid from Monday, 14.12.2020.

The following measures are included:

  • Staying in public is only allowed with good reason.
    Exceptions are possible for den Gang for work, visits to authorities and medical appointments, but also for walks in the fresh air or individual sports. Furthermore, purchases can be made or services can be used. Visits from friends or acquaintances are possible if a maximum of 5 people from two households meet. Ein good reason is also the practice of religion (such as a visit to a church or mosque) und der visit to nursing or old people's homes in compliance with the appropriate hygiene protection measures.
  • In closed rooms and outdoors the following applies: maximum 5 persons from a maximum of 2 households (children under 14 years not included).
  • Libraries, museums, music and art schools are closed.
  • There are no classroom courses at the Jena universities.
  • For demonstrations outdoors, a maximum number of 200 is given, for meetings inside closed rooms a maximum number of 100
  • Residents of old people's homes, nursing homes and facilities for people with disabilities may only be visited daily by one person who has a negative test result for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Staff must undergo regular SARS-CoV-2 tests.

Mayor Christian Gerlitz explains the background:
"We have already seen the dramatically deteriorating situation in the last two weeks. This is one of the reasons why we have given various institutions and the population advance warning and have now been able to react to the exceeding of the limit value within one day. Probably since the beginning of November, we in Thuringia have gambled away our good infection situation by hesitation. Even in the current phase of the crisis we did not feel supported by parts of the state government. I hope that the price for this will not be visible in the intensive care units in Thuringia in the next weeks".

Benjamin Koppe, head of the Jena crisis management team, underlines the seriousness of the current situation and appeals at the same time: "The worrying increase in new infections in Jena has forced us - despite tough agreements with the state - to take immediate action virtually overnight. In our view, the package of measures will correspond well with the reasonable decisions to be expected at federal level, especially for hotspots with a seven-day incidence of over 200. In the coming weeks, we must succeed in containing the infection on site. Bans on entering public areas are also part of the Jena package of measures. As a city, we urgently appeal to comply with all valid rules and to reduce personal contacts to a minimum. The state government, however, is advised to act responsibly and to quickly introduce uniform, above all binding regulations for the Free State.

Current decrees as well as questions and answers are listed on the page jena.de/corona.