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Training for Covid Guards


In a joint action, the Department of Health and the University Hospital Jena have started a training of Covid-Guards. 13 students of the Ernst Abbe University, who had volunteered after calls, are currently being prepared for deployment in nursing homes. There they are to assist the staff, accompany hygiene processes and offer help to visitors.

The University Hospital is responsible for coordinating the program. The city of Jena pays the salaries of the Covid-Guards. The training is carried out by the hygiene experts of the health service on the part of the city and Prof. Frank Kipp on the part of the UKJ.

For the nursing homes this service offers a relief of the staff and a "view from outside" on daily processes, which can be possibly optimized. Each facility is to have contact with a guard. The aim of the program is to enable sustained visits to Jena nursing homes.

To date, two face-to-face seminars have been offered in the health department for training purposes. Starting on January 4, continuous online training will follow. The assignments are planned until spring,
If necessary, this period will be extended