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Trimm-Dich facility at the Lichtenhainer bridge closed


The fitness equipment at the Lichtenhainer Brücke will be closed for the next weeks starting today, Friday, September 17.

After a routine inspection of the equipment by the Kommunalservice Jena (KSJ), it was found that the fall protection installed is under water. Due to the heavy rainfalls in the last weeks and months, the groundwater level is elevated. This is currently assumed to be a possible cause.

The wood chips used as fall protection will be dug out by KSJ in the next few days. Subsequently, the groundwater level will be further monitored in the coming weeks.

Only after this process can a decision be made on how to proceed. "We hope to be able to reopen the facility, which is very well used by the citizens of Jena, in a timely manner," said Sports Director Benjamin Koppe with the prospect of a return to service in the near future.

As soon as new findings are available, the city of Jena will inform about it and asks at the same time for understanding for the necessary measure.