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From Tuesday also in Jena no test offers at schools


Thuringian Ministry of Education rejects Jena general order

Despite cases of infection at eight schools in Jena in the last days of the two-week test phase alone, the Thuringian Ministry of Education refuses to continue at least one voluntary test offer in the schools.

Mayor Christian Gerlitz says: "We are deeply disappointed by this short-sighted decision against the safest possible school operation. Above all, that the rejection of our general order is justified solely by a lack of budgetary funds, makes me stunned."

The crisis team of the city of Jena had asked the Ministry at the end of the week to issue a general order in which voluntary testing would not have been mandatory only from warning level 1. For an early detection of infection clusters - and thus a prevention of the entry of infections into families and other areas - the provision of a low-threshold testing regime is required regardless of incidence. In terms of infection protection law and also financially, the Free State of Thuringia is seen as having a duty to implement such a test offer.

On Tuesday, the Jena crisis team will discuss whether other possibilities remain to ensure testing offers in the community facilities following the mandate of the Jena city council, even if the Free State rejects the offer. There will be further talks on the topic with the Ministry of Education on Tuesday.