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Update on the large-scale operation at the Wenigenjena Community School in Jena


In the early afternoon of November 8, 2022, the Jena Fire Department was called to the Wenigenjena Community School. The reason was a brownish liquid found in a classroom on the first floor. Teachers and children expressed respiratory problems and headaches. A large-scale operation was triggered and emergency forces from the police and paramedics were called in. The school building was gradually evacuated and affected children and teachers were examined. In the evening after the end of the operation, a total of 28 people of various ages showed mild symptoms of respiratory problems and, in some cases, headaches. Upon request, individuals were taken to the University Hospital for further evaluation.

The liquid was recovered by firefighters and samples were taken for further analysis. The affected room was sealed. The samples are now being examined in the laboratory. Meanwhile, the criminal investigation department has taken over further investigations.

Around 3:30 p.m., the fire department was also called to a building fire in Isserstedt. A squad from the Jena Fire Department and a second firefighting platoon of partly volunteer firefighters were in action. A source of fire could be identified in the basement, there was heavy smoke. The main road in Isserstedt was closed due to the extinguishing work. Persons were not in the building, there were no injuries.