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Weekly picture of the Jena Corona Falls


Here's an update on corona activity over the past week:

The Department of Health has sent 2 new cases to the Robert Koch Institute in the last 7 days.

One case concerned a school and quarantine measures were ordered. However, after a new PCR test a negative result was found. Thus, the quarantine could be lifted and the case will be cleared today.

Nevertheless, 43 people are still in domestic quarantine. The majority of these are subject to the 14-day compulsory quarantine on return from travel to areas with the variant virus.

Furthermore, the number of total infections was corrected downwards by 3 old cases due to adjustments in the registration system.

Jena statistics as of 01.07.2021 (24 h)

  • Number of active cases: 2
  • of which newly reported in the last 7 days: 2
  • inpatient cases: 1
  • thereof severe courses: 1
  • infections in the last seven days: 2 (previous day: 2)
  • Current seven-day incidence for Jena: 1.8 (yesterday: 0; day before: 1.8)
  • Total infected since 2020-03-14: 4,330
  • Total deceased: 82
  • Total recovered: 4,246
  • Persons in quarantine: 43 (as of 02.07.2021)