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Who should receive the Jena Prize for Civil Courage?


Civil courage is required always and everywhere. Anyone can find themselves in a situation where they have to show their courage. Which person(s), which situation comes to mind? The staff of KoKont (coordination office of the Jena City Program and contact office of the Round Table for Democracy) are accepting suggestions for the 23rd Jena Prize for Civil Courage until 23.06.2024.

Since 2002, this prize has been awarded annually in Jena to people who have shown civil courage through their selfless actions. What courageous actions have inspired discussion among friends and family or made you think? Send your suggestions with a brief explanation by e-mail(buero@kokont-jena.de) or by post (Max-Steenbeck-Str. 46, 07745) to the KoKont team. Alternatively, you can also submit your suggestion via the mobile KoKont letterbox in the historic town hall.

The local economy also takes a stand

Civil courage as the basis of a human rights-oriented and open society is solidarity in action. It is by no means a matter of course to intervene when people are in distress or even threatened, marginalized, discriminated against or mistreated. It takes empathy and, above all, courage to stand up, speak out, get involved, raise public awareness and organize help. Possible negative consequences and reactions are subordinated to the desire to help.
But it is not only the people of the city who are called upon every year to think about the issue and submit suggestions. Local businesses also take a stand. Every year, a company from the region sponsors the award. This year, ORISA Software GmbH is donating the prize money of 1,000 euros.

Matthias Schwuchow, Managing Director of ORISA Software GmbH, commented as follows:

"As a Jena-based company, ORISA Software GmbH stands for cosmopolitanism, diversity and democracy. Especially in the current times, it is important for us to represent this position. We know from our daily work in the team, with customers and partners that mutual respect is the basis for moving forward together. We therefore consider it immensely important to strengthen this understanding in society. The Jena Prize for Civil Courage is a sign against discrimination and exclusion and we are delighted to be able to support this signal."

Together, Lord Mayor Dr. Thomas Nitzsche, KoKont and ORISA Software GmbH are calling on all Jena residents to submit suggestions for individuals or groups who should be honored for their actions in the past year.
Lord Mayor Dr. Thomas Nitzsche:

"Civil courage relies on the fact that there are people who just don't look away when they experience a situation that is difficult or even dangerous for others. That there are people who have the courage to intervene or get help when it is needed. With the Civil Courage Award, we would like to give these intrepid people a worthy thank you. I am delighted that we are able to do this for the 23rd time thanks to the dedicated work of KoKont and with the help of the donors."

This year, the prize will once again be awarded together with the Charlotte Figulla Prize for pupils and young people. The award ceremony will take place on 27.09.2024 in Jena's town hall.