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This year's fire department training starts in Jena


Fulfilling a childhood dream or turning a hobby into a career: With this goal in mind, 20 trainee firefighters have now started their six-month basic training course at the Jena professional fire department. They were welcomed to the South Fire Station in Göschwitz by Head of Specialist Services Peter Schörnig and Ralf Hertig, Head of Fire Protection, as well as course instructor Chris Erdmann. They congratulated the young men on their "most beautiful job in the world" and prepared them for an exciting, albeit strenuous, training course.

Theoretical and practical training

The candidates, who come from the cities of Jena, Weimar, Saalfeld, Berlin and the district of Saalfeld-Rudolstadt as well as from the Baden-Württemberg State Fire Service School, can now expect around 1,000 hours of theoretical and practical training. This includes 500 hours of theory such as legal basics, German, math, physics, equipment knowledge, fire and extinguishing theory, 400 hours of practical training - from firefighting knots to firefighting attacks, vehicle knowledge, technical assistance and respiratory protection training. A special highlight is the training week in Ohrdruf on the military training ground of the German Armed Forces with various deployment and exercise scenarios. The basic course concludes with an examination.

Most of the training takes place on the grounds of the Fire and Rescue Station South, as the previous training grounds can no longer be used. The city of Jena is currently working hard to find a suitable replacement site in the city. Parts of the training will also be carried out at the Thuringia State Fire and Disaster Protection School and on the premises of the professional fire department in the Saxon state capital of Dresden.

Winter training course in Jena for the first time

At the same time as Jena, the Gera and Erfurt fire departments have also started basic training. Together with the Thuringia State Fire and Disaster Control School, the cities have formed a training association since 2022. This means that they coordinate with each other, particularly in the selection tests, and work together in the organization and implementation of the basic training course.

This year, Jena is offering a summer and winter course for the first time, each lasting six months. This is made possible by adjustments to the service system, increased personnel and technical equipment. The winter training course moves to a different fire department in the training network each year.

Brandmeisteranwärter stehen auf dem Hof des Gefahrenabwehrzentrums, hinter ihnen stehen zwei Feuerwehrautos Start der Feuerwehrausbildung in Jena - 20 Brandmeisteranwärter starten den Grundlehrgang © Stadt Jena