Department 1 - Central Services | Lord Mayor

Central Service

Department 1 consists of the following organisational units and areas:

  • Area of the Lord Mayor
  • City Council Office
  • Department of Law and Personnel
  • Central Project Management
  • Public Relations
  • Women's and Equal Opportunities Officer
  • Office for Migration and Integration
  • Audit Office
  • Staff Council
  • Disability Representation
  • Occupational Health Management
Organigramm Dezernat 1
Organigramm Dezernat 1

Protocol Matters / International Affairs

Address Telephone E-mail address

Am Anger 15, 1st floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-2006
  1. Processing of citizens' concerns and organisation of the citizens' consultation day
  2. Establishment and maintenance of town twinning arrangements
  3. Handling of European affairs
  4. Coordinator for Municipal Development Policy (KEPOL)
  5. Preparation and implementation of municipal events, conferences, receptions and other public occasions
  6. Preparation, organisation and supervision of tasks related to the representation of the Lord Mayor, awards, honours, anniversaries and condolences

Archives (municipal, administrative and building records)

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Am Anger 26, ground floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-2255

  1. Taking over, securing, arranging and indexing as well as evaluating and cassation of the written material of the city administration, advising users (administrative archive); supervision of the file plan of the city administration of Jena including municipal enterprises
  2. Permanent safeguarding, maintenance and extended indexing of the historically valuable written material of the city of Jena; transfer of files from the administrative archives; creation of finding aids
  3. Recording and processing of historical and current data on the history of the city (newspaper evaluation), research and research on selected topics of the history of the city
  4. Permanent archiving, electronic recording and preservation of current and historical building files and development plans, as well as maps, research
  5. operation of a photo archive with use for the entire city administration
  6. Administration of the Jena street archive
  7. User support, archive introductions, archival pedagogical work for schoolchildren, provision of information and advice
  8. Operation of the administration library

Central post office

Address Telephone E-mail address

Am Anger 15,
07743 jena

0049 3641 49-2074
  1. Postal and courier services for departments and own operations
Address Phone E-mail address

Am Anger 15, ground floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-2036
  1. Preparation, organisation and execution of the city council meetings including taking minutes
  2. Ensuring the proper work of the city council, contact person for parliamentary groups and committees
  3. Preparation, organisation and implementation of the main committee
  4. Preparation and follow-up as well as taking minutes of the Lord Mayor's official meeting
  5. Administrative support of the council information system
  6. Editing and publication of the official gazette of the city of Jena as well as the local law of the city of Jena
  7. processing of all matters in connection with the work of the local districts
Address Phone E-mail address

Am Anger 15, 1st floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-3015 --

Central Project Management

  1. Control, elaboration of and participation in concepts and projects for the strategic development of the city of Jena
  2. Superordinate coordination of construction measures in the area of major projects (interface management)
  3. Introduction of software-supported standards and central guidelines for the handling of projects
  4. Support in the identification of structural and process optimization potentials, consulting and participation in change requests
  5. Support in negotiations and strategic networking at the state level
  6. Initialisation of further training programmes and stabilisation of a continuous improvement process (CIP)

Organization and digital processes

Address Telephone E-mail address

Am Anger 28, 2nd floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-2024

0049 3641 49-2021

  1. Dealing with fundamental issues within the administration (organisational structure, task structure plan, administrative structure plan, general business regulations)
  2. Organisational consulting, organisational studies and their implementation (task critique, job evaluation, process and interface optimisation)
  3. Development/modification of job descriptions including evaluation procedures
  4. Examination of job advertisements for conformity with the job description
  5. Development of the job plan, preparation and documentation of the OB advisory board
  6. Development and amendment of service instructions and service agreements
  7. Development and updating of the municipal IT strategy
  8. Recording, analysis and optimisation of business processes, especially in the context of the introduction of IT procedures, establishment of process management
  9. Central control point for IT matters (client function vis-à-vis the IT service provider KIJ)
  10. Planning and implementation of IT training
  11. Project responsibility for the implementation of the IT project "Digital archiving and document management in the Jena city administration".
  12. Project responsibility for eGovernment projects
  13. Responsibility for electronic communication and internal knowledge management
  14. Central responsibility for the implementation of IT compliance
Address Phone E-mail address

Am Anger 15, 1st floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-2004
  1. central contact for the media
  2. issuing of press releases
  3. Preparation and management of press meetings and press conferences
  4. Issuing of filming permits
  5. chief editor for the internet portal of the city of Jena
  6. Maintenance of the social media channels
  7. Planning and editing of internet projects
  8. Permission for the use of the city coat of arms and / or logo of the city of Jena by third parties
  9. Processing of city marketing topics
Address Phone E-mail address

Löbdergraben 12, 5th floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-2636

Women's Representative

  1. Promotion and monitoring of the implementation of the Equal Opportunities Act
  2. Supporting the head of the department in all measures concerning equal opportunities and the compatibility of family and career
  3. Involvement in personnel matters (e.g. recruitment, promotions, upgrading), working time regulations, further training, plan for the advancement of women, organisation of departments, appointments to committees
  4. Development of own initiatives
  5. Advice and support, receipt of complaints on social behaviour
  6. Complaints office according to the General Equal Treatment Act

Equal Opportunities Officer

  1. Equal rights for women and men, reduction of disadvantages
  2. Fulfilment of cross-sectional tasks, which can affect all areas of local politics and administration in an interdisciplinary manner
  3. Cooperation with clubs and associations, support of women's clubs and projects, the women's shelter,
  4. Contact with state and federal agencies that are relevant to the task at hand
  5. Initiation of own measures of a structural and preventive nature (working groups, networks, thematisation of focal points)
  6. Participation in the organisation or implementation of events and training measures
  7. Advice and assistance for citizens seeking advice on equality issues
  8. Public relations
Address Phone E-mail address

Saalbahnhofstraße 9, ground floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-2635
0049 3641 49-2734
  1. Promoting the coexistence of people with and without a migration background
  2. Promotion, coordination and participation in the management of the integration policy of the city of Jena
  3. Promotion and coordination of intercultural quality development in the city of Jena
  4. Conception and reporting
  5. Administration of the funding funds "Political Education", "Migration Associations" and "Measures Integration Concept" and content-related advice to the applicants
  6. Implementation of the "Thuringian Initiative for Local Integration Management in the Municipalities" and the "Thuringian Social Counselling Guideline" for refugees
  7. Advice and networking (institutions, sponsors, state working group of municipal commissioners for foreigners and integration, state integration advisory council, nationwide quality circle on integration policy)
  8. Municipal contact person for the Advisory Council for Migration and Integration, the coordination office "Round Table for Democracy" and the International Centre "House on the Wall
  9. Planning, implementation and evaluation of projects on integration
  10. Provision of language and cultural mediation for independent agencies, day-care centres and schools when advising recognised refugees
  11. Public relations
Address Phone E-mail address

Löbdergraben 12, 4th floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-3425
  1. Audit of the annual financial statements and the annexes to the annual financial statements
  2. Audit of the overall financial statement and the annexes to the overall financial statement
  3. Audit of compliance with generally accepted accounting principles
  4. Audit of the regularity of the budgetary management
  5. Examination of whether the automated data processing programs used in accounting have been checked and approved prior to their application as well as their proper use
  6. Monitoring the payment processing of the municipality and the municipal undertakings as well as other special and trust assets, including the special funds, and carrying out regular and unsuspected cash audits
  7. Examination of the legality, expediency and efficiency of the administration
  8. auditing the awarding of contracts
  9. auditing the activities of the municipality in companies with a legal form under private law in which the municipality holds a direct or indirect interest
  10. auditing of cash, accounts, operations and other audits which the municipality has reserved for itself when granting a loan, providing collateral or otherwise
  11. Examination and confirmation of all proofs of use for subsidies from the EU, federal and state governments
  12. Examination of decisions on the modification of claims (deferrals, waivers, remissions, etc.)
  13. Examination of fee statutes, fee regulations and other stipulations of a financial nature
  14. Accompanying audit or expert opinion activity
Address Phone E-mail address

Löbdergraben 12, 5th floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-3196
  1. Representation of the interests of the employees of the city administration of Jena and its municipal undertakings
  2. Individual and group consultations on questions of labour law and civil service law
  3. Receipt of suggestions and complaints from employees and, if necessary, initiation of appropriate measures
  4. Cooperation with the youth and trainee representation for the promotion of the interests of young employees or trainees up to the age of 25 years
  5. Cooperation with the representative body for severely disabled persons to promote the integration and professional development of severely disabled persons.
  6. Participation of the staff council according to §§ 74, 75 ThürPersVG among others in:
  • Hiring, transfers, reassignments and promotions
  • Dismissals
  • groupings, upgradings and downgradings
  • refusal of approval of sideline activities
  • refusal or granting of salary advances
  • Conclusion and amendment of service agreements
  • Duration, beginning and end of daily working hours including breaks
  • ordering of overtime and extra hours
  • Implementation of vocational training and further training
  • Appointment of company doctors, safety officers, first-aid officers
  • Regulation of order in the office and the conduct of employees
  • Measures to prevent accidents at work and on duty and other damage to health
Address Phone E-mail address

Löbdergraben 12, 5th floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-3192
  1. Representation of interests for severely disabled employees of the Jena city administration
  2. Assistance with the application for the determination of a severely disabled property
  3. Advice and support in case of problems at the workplace
  4. Assistance with applications for equal status with severely disabled persons
  5. Support in preparation for job interviews in the area of the municipal administration of Jena
  6. Advisory activity with the job organization
  7. Assistance with applications of any kind concerning the professional employment and the severe disability
Address Phone E-mail address

Am Anger 15, 1st floor
07743 Jena

0049 3641 49-2183
  1. Planning and implementation of measures and activities to promote and maintain the health of employees in the city administration and its own companies
  2. Advising employees on health-promoting and health-maintaining topics and offers
  3. Preparation and implementation of health-promoting projects and health programmes
  4. Networking with internal and external partners


Central Service Department

Central Service Department

Am Anger 15
07743 Jena

Central Service Department

Am Anger 15
07743 Jena